Turn your vision for better software into reality with our custom development


Get turnkey software. We have experience in development management, assignment creation and analysis of requirements and services. This allows us to propose the most suitable solution and take care of the development, implementation and integration. You will not have to worry about finding IT specialists and adopting new software.

We can also help you with testing, quality assurance of the software solution and support and development after deployment.

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Custom development

We will develop or deliver customized software for your company. We will design a suitable solution and provide development, implementation and integration. Leverage our experience in management, specification development and requirements analysis to efficiently develop your new business applications.

Microsoft development

Our experienced .NET, C# or Power Apps team can help you agilely develop digital solutions according to your needs or complement your existing development team. We develop enterprise solutions for Microsoft Azure and build robust, reliable and scalable desktop and web applications. We are a certified Microsoft partner.

Web development

We provide development and design of presentation websites, web applications and portals. We will integrate your business systems and processes so you no longer have to track and rekey data. We'll add functionality to existing applications to better serve you.

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Mobile development

Get mobile apps that reach your target audience. Our experienced team of mobile developers will work with you from design to development to testing and launch. With a native approach, we ensure you get user-friendly, secure and powerful applications.

No-code, low-code development

Create applications without complex programming languages. Take advantage of a visually integrated development environment and a comprehensive feature set that consolidates the essential tools needed to "model" and test software. Reduce project costs and increase application development efficiency.



Make sure that your systems and applications are fully functional and meet your requirements. We provide qualified experts and comprehensive testing services and solutions. Apart from the testing itself, we offer you our expert know-how via consulting and training. Leave the testing of your systems to us and spend your time on what’s important to you.

Software testing and development

Increase development quality and efficiency. We will help you to find common solutions. We save time by means of proper testing that takes tests down to the lowest possible level. We achieve optimal results by leveraging the full potential of our testing tools.

Flexible and experienced teams

We will find and assemble the ideal team for you, bringing the skills and experience your project needs. We specialise in identifying key roles and building strong teams. We actively support testing communities at www.contractors.cz.

Testing strategies

Strengthen or set up your testing skills and streamline your processes in line with TMMi. We will help you to keep track of and adopt the best and most appropriate industry trends. Our experts will offer you reliable recommendations backed by relevant data.

Software testing

Use our manual and automated testing services, where the stress is on applying proven methodologies such as RUP, ISTQB, and Agile. We focus on the key concepts of traceability, good enough quality, and risk-based analysis. We are constantly refining the testing process by means of a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.



Contact us for an analysis in its entirety. From business architecture to process, business and system analysis to data and integration analysis, our experienced team of experts can help you.

Data Management

Unlock the hidden potential of your data. We consolidate your data and use it to support strategic decision-making, company management and day-to-day operations. Our solution is suitable for all types and sizes of companies, whether they are small startups, growing businesses, or large corporations. We can help you improve the quality, transparency and comprehensibility of your data.

Data Warehouse

Get a comprehensive overview of your company's performance and efficiency, and the profitability of individual products or clients. We can help you link data from individual systems. The data warehouse serves as a central repository where the most important company structured data from various systems are repeatedly and automatically consolidated. We are able to cleanse, transform and provide data in the data warehouse for operational and strategic management.

Data Lake

Leverage centralized storage to store, process and secure large volumes of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Similar to a data warehouse, it processes and stores data automatically and repeatedly. But unlike a data warehouse, there is no transformation and consolidation of data, allowing the data to be stored in its original form.

Data Lakehouse

Get the best of both worlds with Data Lakehouse, a modern architecture that integrates a data warehouse and a data lake into one. We allow you to work efficiently with both structured and unstructured data, whether you are dealing with small or large volumes. In addition, Data Lakehouse allows you to process data both in batches and in a data stream.

Data Hub

Get up-to-date, cleansed and consolidated data from multiple sources in one place. Unlike data warehouses, which contain historical data, a data hub contains data that is as fresh as possible and allows you to work with it in real time. Take advantage of a next-generation solution that comes from the world of integration and uses APIs, data streams (Kafka) and a publish/subscribe model.

Business Glossary & Data Dictionary

Unify terminology and streamline your work with data. The business glossary allows you to define and unify the meaning of business terms and expressions throughout your organization. The data dictionary, on the other hand, documents the structure, content, relationships and flows of data. Together, these dictionaries make it easier to manage systems, interpret data and convert them into business-relevant information.


License Management

Leave the license management to us. We will take care of the purchase and optimization of software licenses, setting up their life cycle and active management. We provide license management mainly with our partners Microsoft, VMware, Oracle and SAP.

HR services and Outsourcing

We will find you top IT specialists and suitable talent. With our IT outsourcing and HR services, you get the best IT professionals on the market. For specialists, we run the portal www.contractors.cz, where we offer unique job opportunities and training in IT.

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HR services and consultancy

We can help you find the right IT professionals and educate existing ones.

We provide complete HR consulting for ICT clients from selection to adaptation. We also organize thematic trainings, workshops and meetups for companies and the general public. More information can be found on our portal Contractors.cz.

Outsourcing of IT specialists

Get the expertise you need on your team. We will build a comprehensive team of IT specialists for you or supplement your existing team with the missing expert. Thanks to our own network of IT experts, we can provide outsourcing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as in Europe and North America.


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