The Holstein Breeders' Association focuses on activities that serve Holstein cattle breeders to refine their herds and increase the economic efficiency of farming. The task of the Association is also support breeders in relation to the legislative and executive bodies of agricultural management in the Czech Republic.

Improvement of external communication with partners

The Association needed to unify communication channels with internal and external members. The priority for the Association was the communication of basic information, providing necessary documents and sharing news about the Association's planned events. The Association also needed to group specific data from the stud book of the Czech Republic and display them in reports that breeders use for breeding their herds.

The web portal as the main information base

In the first phase, we delivered a completely new web presentation that reflects the current state of the Association and is available to all members of the union at any time. We continued the development of the web presentation with the so-called Holstein analyzer, where minor development continues.

The basis of the entire project was a comprehensive business analysis of the client's environment, as a similar solution did not exist in the Association. It was necessary to carefully define the needs of the client and breeders and to validate all the data that should be displayed using the analyzer. Because of this, this project required an understanding of the principles of genetics and genomics. On the basis of the created document, which described the needs and work-flow, a UX design was proposed, which reflect both the meaningful display of data using tables and graphs and their simple use.

The entire Holstein analyzer solution is only for paying members of the Association, so it was necessary to ensure that access to the data is exclusive to them.. The Association uses an authentication authority, i.e. a service based on the principle of Active Directory from the Plemdat company, where breeders already have their own account, so it was necessary to connect this authority to the web application of the authentication work-flow.

A robust content management system

Previously, the Association used only a static web presentation. Nowadays, the Association has a CMS that is built on Opensource technologies. The client can easily administer all the content internally. Breeders can use a dedicated internal part of the web portal, in which they can work with the data of their herds, or offer animals for sale.

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