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Benefit from the experience of nearly 4,000 IT experts in our network. We can help you achieve your business goals, expand your company's potential and accelerate the process of technological innovation.

Projekty Na Klic

Turnkey projects

Get a partner to design your entire IT solution. We align technology to support your business goals. We will design a suitable solution, manage the development process, ensure the quality and testing of applications and implementation. After the handover, we remain available for user support and minor development.

Turnkey projects

Systemova Integrace

System integration

Tailor your IT infrastructure to your needs. We can help you integrate software solutions that align with your business priorities. We are here for you from the analysis to the design of the optimal solution.

System integration



Find out how you can increase your company's potential and competitiveness. We will help you with your company's digital transformation strategy and its actual implementation. We'll be your guides through the transition to new technology and set up more efficient processes to help you reduce the cost of your existing IT infrastructure.




Get the expertise you need on your team. We will build a comprehensive team of IT specialists for you or provide the necessary expertise with the help of our IT expert. Thanks to our own network of IT experts, we can provide outsourcing in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as well as in Europe and North America, in the form of nearshore or offshore centres.


Nase Expertiza

Expert know-how

We continuously bring technological trends from our respective fields into our solutions and products. We help digitalize banking, telecommunications, utilities, public space or healthcare and develop products according to Industry 4.0 and IoT. You can use this experience too.

Expert know-how


Our stories

We are professionals who take pride in our work

"Based on the relationship, we were recommended to consult on the topic of an external IT specialist supplier. Thanks to the fair terms of cooperation and friendly communication, we were able to define the area we have already started with - testing."

vojtech dusek

Vojtěch Dušek
Business Development Manager

"As a proven supplier to our client, we were invited to tender for their subsidiary. This was a key position preparing a testing strategy. We have deepened our cooperation to the level of a preferred supplier of testing capabilities."

Dušan Rybanský

Dušan Rybanský
Account Manager

"In PRINCIPAL I am implementing my idea of an interactive rehabilitation game in VR that allows people with disabilities to rehabilitate at home. Thanks to the support, both financial and team, the original idea has become a real project in which we are developing a unique rehabilitation tool."

Tomáš Marák

Tomáš Marák
Game Design

"In 8 years at Principal, we have managed to build a web team that today takes care of more than 10 projects simultaneously, from intranet and web presentations to client applications for e.g. the Academy of Sciences, NPI (Ministry of Education and Science) and the Holstein Cattle Breeders' and Concrete Companies' Associations."

Daniel Drašar

Daniel Drašar
Technical and Team Leader

"Principal has been addressing the use of modern technology in the healthcare sector for almost ten years. The beautiful thing about any particular Telemedicine project is that you can see the direct benefit to patients. Their specific lives and stories."

Jan Plachý

Jan Plachý
Senior Project Manager


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