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PRINCIPAL Telemedicine
Remote patient monitoring using IoT

The PRINCIPAL Telemedicine platform allows you to remotely monitor patients and collect telemetry data. It also gives you the tools to communicate with the patient and to collect and analyse values in real time. Get the space and tools for better healthcare.

  • Increases the efficiency of healthcare operations.
  • Collects data on the patient's vital signs and environmental parameters.
  • Allows the introduction of new services for the provision of healthcare.
  • Facilitates the digitisation of healthcare systems.

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People Manager
A tool for higher performance of project and resource managers

People Manager makes it easy for you to allocate and approve staff, including financial resources for your projects. You will know in real time everything about the progress of work, cost absorption and project status. Get an overview of what's going on in your company in just a few clicks.

  • Provides data on team workload.
  • Streamlines reporting and approval of work.
  • It monitors the cost-effectiveness of individual projects.

Migration Tool 2.0 SXA
Intelligent migration of unstructured data to the cloud

Migration Tool is a fast, efficient and secure migration solution that won't slow down your business - even for a single day! It ensures the complete migration of unstructured data including configurations such as current access rights, directly to the cloud.

  • Enables complex use of the O365 work environment.
  • Analyzes all your current data.
  • Preserves existing accesses and permissions to folders.

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new concept of customer service

HUGmarket brings you a new way of communicating with your customers and brings digital into the physical space. Digitise the processes in your restaurant, canteen, bank, retail outlet, betting shop or public space to better serve your visitors and customers.

  • Digitises communication with customers.
  • Speeds up customer service.
  • Reduces operating costs.

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