MOPET CZ was an ecosystem whose goal is to take financial technologies to a new level through innovation. The sole shareholder of MOPET CZ is Česká spořitelna, which is part of the Erste Group.

Česká sporitelna, as the largest Czech bank, is constantly innovating its products and bringing new services to the market.

We participated in the development and launch of two innovative solutions.

Friends 24

The application allows you to send a quick payment via services such as email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. The recipient does not need to have an account with Ceska sporitelna or the smartphone itself. He enters the account to which he wants to receive money. In addition to the usual online services, the bank launched an innovative and simple payment service using its own public Web API. Its control is easier and sending money faster than in mobile banking.

The service was one of the bank's first public Web APIs to be used by the bank for third-party application developers, including the innovative Locker security module.

Zajistili jsme jak kvalitní vývoj bezpečných webových a mobilních aplikací, tak dobrou uživatelskou ergonomii služby.


The main purpose of the solution was a new payment service for young people under 18 and their parents with the aim of educating young users to handle finances responsibly.

  • The Lean Start-up method, chosen by start-up companies to quickly launch products and services in the form of iterations starting with a simpler product with a basic set of functionalities, was chosen as the main management tool.
  • Lean Canvas was used for the basic product definition.
  • Impact Mapping was used to define the project objectives, their breakdown into impacts on user groups and for prioritization, which helped to select the initial set of functions for starting the service.

We participated in the definition of suitable project methodologies and agile project management, and at the same time we implemented the services themselves and its graphic design. 

"PRINCIPAL has helped us choose the right approach to developing a product rich in ideas under uncertain conditions of financial return and considerable pressure for fast delivery. Thanks to close cooperation and mentoring during the preparation of the service, we were able to effectively ensure the delivery of the payment service to the client Česká spořitelna ” Peter Struckel, MOPET CZ.

"PRINCIPAL helped us launch the unique Friend24 service for our clients. Today, they have in hand a useful and modern tool for quickly and securely paying small amounts from their smartphone without the need for access to complex mobile banking. At the same time, we were convinced that we could bring interesting services to the market with a good idea in a short time using interesting and effective methods," said Tomas Mencl on behalf of Česká spořitelna.

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