ŠKODA AUTO, with the growth of its information system, needed to deploy appropriate resources that would help to streamline the management of the company’s growing IT infrastructure and user requirements.

Requests, such as access to network folders, additions to distribution groups, etc., were handled on paper forms and processed manually. Long processing times, occasional loss of paper applications during the approval process, problematic audit authorizations, then necessary to find the relevant paper application, slowed down the administration and management of IT infrastructure.

PRINCIPAL provides 24/7 IT system operational support, processes user requirements and provides analysis and further solutions development.

PRINCIPAL undertook this project that aimed at improving the quality of services to the end-users, ensuring faster processing of applications and overall, more efficient management of IT systems. The primary assignment was designing the process for electronic applications - ITO requests to be entered using webbased electronic forms, electronically approved and in most cases processed fully automatically.

SkoNET solution simplifies the management of ŠKODA AUTO’s extensive IT infrastructure that provides for over twenty thousand users, contains hundreds of thousands of file system folders and processes hundreds of user requests daily. The solution is linked to the central access record keeping of the VW Group.

  • the whole process of managing IT resources is performed in a uniform way on the basis of central records
  • the web application uses ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server technologies
  • the solution ensures communication with external systems, automatic processing of requests directly in the target systems (Active Directory, Exchange)
  • SkoNET system collaborates and complies with VW Group's SAP system

Škoda Auto thus gained a comprehensive overview of the entire information infrastructure. PRINCIPAL’s solution significantly accelerated the speed and enhanced the process of submitting and processing applications.

What Škoda Auto said as the customer

“With the help of Principal engineering’s solution, we now have a comprehensive overview of our information infrastructure. We can manage the company's growing infrastructure and users’ requirements effectively. We are currently undergoing preparations for engaging Principal for additional development of solutions that will further streamline and increase efficiency of our corporate IT.”

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