Manpower manages its complete employment agenda electronically

Manpower provides a complete employee record agenda for more than 11,500 employees through the e-Sig solution. The system enables management of records of company employees and their employment contracts.

  • Together with the contracts, the archives contain a complete history of the labor-legal relationship, such as the establishment and termination of cooperation, types of employment, completed training, an overview of medical examinations, etc. Contracts with workers are now concluded electronically directly from the client's workplace.
  • Employees sign their employment contracts using SignoTec's biometric signature technology. The employer's signature is secured using qualified electronic signature certificates.

Paperless operation increases the efficiency of business activities

Manpower, as one of the leading employment agencies, employs over 11,500 employees in the Czech Republic. With the growth of the company's business activities and addition of new content to be archived and stored in accordance to laws and regulations, the demand for personnel agendas has also grown.

To increase its efficiency, the company decided to limit the creation and circulation of paper documents and switch to paperless operation. The effort was to drastically simplify and speed up the processing of the personnel agendas.

PRINCIPAL delivered a complex project with a unique technological solution

We won the tender for the supply of a complex solution in the form of a Fixed Time - Fixed Price project. The ambition was to handle a demanding project and an innovative technological task that would meet the client's needs in terms of time and performance. A team of 15 successfully worked on e-Sig for 10 months. In addition to development work, the delivery included analysis of business processes and integration with other Manpower systems, e.g. payroll and accounting. An important aspect of the success of the solution was to set everything according to the applicable legislation and the security of electronic signing of documents with a biometric signature.

  • The e-Sig system was developed using Java and MySQL technologies. MS .NET technology was used for the development of the signature processing application, and the subsidiary of České Pošta, the certification authority Postsignum, was used for the certification of electronic signatures. For high security and reliability, signing devices from the renowned German company Signotec are used for biometric signing of documents.
  • The concept of the e-Sig system is ready for further development and future integration with other personnel systems of clients.

Client evaluation

"Thanks to PRINCIPAL, we were able to deploy a unique system that enabled us to process contractual documentation with our employees more efficiently. Principal engineering not only delivered an innovative solution, but was able to prepare our company for future client demands thanks to the e-Sig system."

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