The Hejnická care center is an outpatient service intended not only for seniors suffering from Alzheimer's disease or other forms of dementia, but also for seniors who need the help of another person due to their deteriorating health.

The number of people with Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders in the global population is constantly increasing. People with cognitive deficits, their families and caregivers have to deal with serious problems on a daily basis in two areas in particular: safety and the future progression of the patient's condition.

The PRINCIPAL Telemedicine platform was successfully piloted within the EU Silver Star ecosystem

EU Silver Star ecosystem provided a broad international space for cooperation, experience sharing and creativity in the design of innovative products and services for the rapidly growing "silver generation“. The management of the inpatient facility enabled the verification of digital therapy technologies in the premises of a care center. PRINCIPAL Telemedicine digital therapy was thus the first technologically oriented solution deployed in the premises of a care facility.

Digital therapy prioritizes training users' memory. The solution is aimed at supporting individualized care for each particular client. The interaction between the application and the user as part of their cognitive training takes place via mobile devices or tablets. Each client is assigned their own level of cognitive training, which consists of passing multimedia tests. The clients answer text, audio, image or video questions. During memory training, emphasis is also placed on a quality workplace environment. Clients perceived it as attractive work with something unknown, new, and then responded better to other activation activities.

In the pilot verification of digital therapy, it was proven that new technological solutions are suitable for training cognitive abilities. An interesting finding was that the presented digital form of the tests was received positively among the test persons and in general the test subjects did not have a problem with the new technology. Additionally, the technology was also received positively by the employees of the care center, who take care of the clients every needs.

Client evaluation

"I evaluate participation in the project as an interesting experience for our client and employees, which offered us new possibilities and ways of working with our clients. At the same time, it showed us that we don't have to worry about not accepting modern technologies."

Head of Day Care Center Hejnická, Bc. Zuzana Ilečková

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