Deployment of Microsoft Teams and a new intranet on the SharePoint platform

In 2019, we implemented a completely new intranet on the SharePoint Online platform for the Ministry of Industry and Trade, forming the basis of the infrastructure for internal communication. The implementation further included the introduction of Microsoft Teams, effectively integrating Office 365 applications thus allowing users to access content from a single location.

  • For the implementation of the intranet, we used a combination of standard components provided by the Office 365 platform and a unique custom solution for specific modules. The main modules include news and updates, "Did you know" section, registration for events, and standards management.

As part of the implementation of MS Teams, we helped key users with the transition to the new platform and together we defined the system and rules for use in the organization. As a result, internal meetings were streamlined, and a larger number of users was moved to the online environment.

With this project, we were able to connect the employees with the outside and with the content they need, working more productively and efficiently. By implementing the intranet together with the integration of MS Teams, we unified corporate and team communications, thus creating a completely new digital workplace.

Evaluation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

“In our opinion, the Intranet is a living communication tool for all employees. Through it, employees should have access to all relevant and important information."

Ing. Miloslav Marčan
Director of the Department of Informatics of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

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