We delivered a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution for Česká spořitelna as a replacement for the existing Siebel CRM. The existing solution was no longer user-friendly and clear enough for marketers, who care for SME customers, to quickly and efficiently work with client data in real time.

With the introduction of the Azure cloud solution, Česká spořitelna has a 360° view of its clients, employees can effectively communicate between departments and store communication history. The new solution also ensures faster responses to user requests.

A great benefit of Microsoft Dynamics is an overview of key data about clients in one system, the availability of the system from an external network while maintaining a high level of security, and the integration of an email solution, calendar and CRM system. The new CRM is also conveniently available via a mobile app.

Overall, once the solution is implemented, it enables integration with external customer systems, reduces operational costs, and ensures faster application response and online reporting. This also reduced the development cycle from several months to 14 days.

The total number of CRM users in Česká spořitelna is about 350.

Microsoft technologies and tools that were used on the project:

  • Azure,
  • Logic Apps,
  • Azure AD,
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement
  • and Power BI technologies were used on the project.

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